New Hire Bonus Programs

Join Team FDC as a Correctional Officer to be eligible for the following bonus opportunities:

    • $1,000 High Vacancy Bonus – non-certified hires will be paid $1,000 the month following certification and certified hires will be paid $1,000 the month after being hired. 

    • $1,000 Referral Bonus (available through March 31, 2023) – The referring employee will receive the following payouts for referred recruits: non-certified referrals will be paid $500 the month after certification, certified referrals will be paid $500 the month after being hired and an additional $500 will be paid at the one-year anniversary of the first payment. Both the referring and the referred must be current FDC employees to be eligible for payouts.

The one-time hiring bonus will be awarded on the first available pay period after eligibility is confirmed. Officers who received the High Vacancy Rate Bonus are not eligible for the one-time hiring bonus.


New Hire Bonus for High Vacancy Institutions:

New Hires who apply and are hired to work at a Correctional Institution with a 10% or more staff vacancy rate are eligible for an additional $1000 hiring bonus:

  • No experience is necessary to apply, and all training is provided.
  • During training and academy, non-certified officers receive a competitive starting salary and premier benefits, including health insurance, on day one of their new career.
  • See list of Qualifying Institutions on this page.

Hiring Bonus for Education Positions:

Teacher Aides, Vocational Teachers, Academic Teachers and Special Education Teachers may be eligible for a $1000 hiring bonus. The education bonus will be awarded to new hires who meet the following qualifications:

If the position requires a teaching certification, a temporary teaching certification must be obtained prior to receiving the bonus. If the position does not require a teaching certification or the candidate is already certified, the employee is eligible for the bonus upon hire.

Current and former employees in one of the identified education positions who had a break in service with the Department of 31 days or less, or who previously received the bonus are not eligible for this bonus.

For more information about FDC’s bonus programs, contact the Office of Human Resources at 850-717-3200.


Qualifying Institutions:


The Florida Department of Corrections is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Certain veterans and spouses of veterans receive preference in employment by the state as provided by Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, and are encouraged to apply.